Targeted Poverty Alleviation Online Program of UNESCO Opens

Targeted Poverty Alleviation Online Program of UNESCO Opens


Sponsored by UNESCO National Council and China Ministry of Education, the 2nd Online Research Program of Targeted Poverty Alleviation (Lifting People out of Poverty) opened online on August 4th. Professor Zhang Minxuan and his Program team, together with about 290 teachers from 16 poverty-stricken towns from 7 provinces of China attended the program through internet video talks.


The Opening Ceremony was held by Professor Hu Guoyong, the Vice Director of the Center. He expressed his expectation for this research program and emphasized the rare training opportunity at the crucial moment of fighting against COVID 19 and against poverty. He further introduced the team members and the training curricula. He also shared the experience and results of lifting people out of poverty since 2018. (were shared, as well as the training curricula..


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